Capitalism: The Rant

“Within this culture wealth is measured by one’s ability to consume and destroy.”Derrick Jensen

Ah yes, big daddy capitalism, the best thing ever… right? A system that depends on there being a infinite amount of resources when there isn’t. A system that numbs people to the constant horror a lot of people experience on a daily basis, “Who cares! As long as it’s not me! Why should I care.” And I’ve actually heard that before, mostly from mindless drones who love capitalism’s big dick shoved up their asses everyday while they squeeze out a dull existence in a job they hate and get underpaid for. The invisible hand of the free market will fuck you and most people time and time again, and those who either benefit from it or are dumb enough to defend this immoral as shit system support it because, “It’s the best we can do.” Albeit it’s mostly right wing demagogues online who they themselves benefit from the current system, thanks to them simping for their corporate masters, thus creating a chain effect down the social hierarchy continuing the hellish cycle in which we all dwell under. But if it’s the best we can do, then we might as well stop fucking and die out.

What I’m about to say is clear weather you like it or not, the system we currently live under isn’t, and hasn’t been working for a very long time, if ever. An evermore slimming few hold more wealth than the entire working class will have ever. A lucky few hoarding billions and billions, and a good few give away a lot of that money as well, but we cannot and should not depend on the rare generosity of people to improve society while still living in a world where people don’t even have clean drinking water (something people can’t help but to need to live.) While at the same time some fat discussing redneck in Mississippi eats a giant ass steak every night for dinner resulting in them taking a fat, rock hard shit the very next morning. I recently realized, and I’m speaking as a US citizen, we are too used to excess. We’re the spoiled little shits of the world and capitalism made us that way, there’s no denying that.

If capitalism was a person he would be a fat, ugly, balding, wife beater wearing, abuser, and most of us are the ultra dependent house wife who constantly justifies why deep down he doesn’t mean what he does and he loves us, when he doesn’t, never has, never will. We then get fooled by that same abuser that constantly beats on us because he gave us an ice pack afterwards, so we think that he fixed us, when he’s the one who broke us to begin with. I’ll leave this rant at this. Fuck Capitalism, it’s a immoral pile of shit, We must face it, the end. Expect more on this topic and other topics pertaining to different political ideologies in the future.

Posted: Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 – 12:57 AM

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