Capitalism: Brainwashed & What Went Wrong I

Capitalism is not the end all be all of systems to run our society in. We need to admit that Capitalism isn’t perfect, we need to start considering other options, and no the choices aren’t binary. What’s sad is that people are convinced trough indoctrination from a young age that capitalism is that end all be all. Whether capitalism is salvageable or not, which I believe it isn’t due to it’s inherent nature, things will either get much worse or much much worse in the coming decades.

Automation, something I believe to be a great thing for humanity, will lead to mass firings and homelessness. And of course we’ll end up fight against automation simply because we’re convinced that working a traditional job is the only thing that’ll give us meaning in life. And we’re convinced of this because we’re taught that. We automatically assume anyone who questions the current state of things is “lazy”, and “entitled”, which is far from the truth. A vicious cycle which I believe will lead to our species eventual downfall. Humans I believe are naturally creative, and cooperative beings and capitalism hinders that, it took something that should of been done in moderation and for fun, that being competition, and forced it to be the driving force behind the world. That was the biggest mistake we ever made, the rest is just a long running Stockholm Syndrome fever dream.

Posted: Sunday, September 6th, 2020 – 1:51 AM

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