Capitalism: More Deadly Than Communism?

Time and time again I’ve been asked a certain question, one that comes up every time anyone criticizes capitalism. “Well how many people has communism killed?”, In that case I would ask back, “How many has people capitalism killed?”, people are quick to jump on communism, rightfully so, but people neglect to point out any flaws with our current economic system or excuse it by saying it’s the best we have.

If you are one of the unfortunate souls who buys into that line, allow me to pop the bubble you are currently in. It has been and is still responsible for far more deaths than communism will ever be responsible for, causes both direct and indirect. It’s at the very least, just as bad, or worse than communism ever will be. If you’re so quick to point your finger at communism, you have to be equally as quick and willing to point your finger at capitalism. If you condemn communism for it’s flaws, you must do the same to capitalism, anything less is just plain hypocritical.

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