The Sisyphus Fallacy

The Sisyphus Fallacy – A false belief that struggle and the suffering that it produces builds character, not the actions taken against said struggle. If I were to describe the current human condition it would be the condition of the Greek mythos Sisyphus, the personification of all of humanity. Doomed to roll a boulder upContinue reading “The Sisyphus Fallacy”

Capitalism: More Deadly Than Communism?

Time and time again I’ve been asked a certain question, one that comes up every time anyone criticizes capitalism. “Well how many people has communism killed?”, In that case I would ask back, “How many has people capitalism killed?”, people are quick to jump on communism, rightfully so, but people neglect to point out anyContinue reading “Capitalism: More Deadly Than Communism?”

Capitalism: Brainwashed & What Went Wrong I

Capitalism is not the end all be all of systems to run our society in. We need to admit that Capitalism isn’t perfect, we need to start considering other options, and no the choices aren’t binary. What’s sad is that people are convinced trough indoctrination from a young age that capitalism is that end allContinue reading “Capitalism: Brainwashed & What Went Wrong I”

Jobs: A Forced Necessity

I look forward to a future where people take the things some of us view as privileges today for granted. Things like healthcare, clean water, food, acquit shelter, and the ability to pursue ones hopes, passions and dreams, and those things shouldn’t be some distant pipe dream, it should be the standard. People should beContinue reading “Jobs: A Forced Necessity”

Capitalism: The Great Lie

Profit Motive, being a lie just like the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and God, is fabricated by the wealthy and powerful which is forced upon the population as a direct result of Capitalism resulting in aware but powerless, nefarious and powerful or blissfully ignorant people. In order to begin to the search for a betterContinue reading “Capitalism: The Great Lie”

Capitalism: The Rant

“Within this culture wealth is measured by one’s ability to consume and destroy.” – Derrick Jensen Ah yes, big daddy capitalism, the best thing ever… right? A system that depends on there being a infinite amount of resources when there isn’t. A system that numbs people to the constant horror a lot of people experienceContinue reading “Capitalism: The Rant”